Tubulus Concentus I2S Cable V2


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Very neutral and detailed i2s cable, with a powerful low end, very rich mid range and a excellent sound staging!

Review Quote:”…Immediatly an incredibly wide stereo effect and an instrument rendering finesse that I did not expect…this i2s cable is a marvel…”

• Pure silver conductors
• Solid core and semi-solid concentric conductors
• Various diameter conductors
• Air insulation
• Individually shielded conductors
• Special thermo-process
• High twist rate EMI cancellation
• Triple shielding with 100% coverage
• High quality shielded HDMI or RJ45 plugs



The TUBULUS Concentus i2s cable V2 is specifically designed for i2s signal transport and is based on high quality pure silver conductors. These are solid core and semi-solid concentric conductors to minimize strand interaction, which is a major source of distortion.

The conductors are of various diameter and individually insulated by air. Which is unique for a i2s cable. We use air insulation because (next to a vacuum) air is the best dielectric.

With a special thermo-process the silver conductors are restructured at a molecular level to reach a quality close to mono crystal silver. The conductors are also twisted with a high twist rate for the purposes of minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI).

To preserve signal integrity the conductors are individually shielded. An overall screen and copper braid completes the triple shielding with a 100% coverage. The TUBULUS Concentus i2s cable V2 is terminated with high quality shielded HDMI or RJ45 plugs which are soldered with silver containing solder. All this makes it an unique i2s cable.

The TUBULUS Concentus i2s cable V2 is compatible with all i2s devices and also with the Auralic Lightning Link and Esoteric ES-Link.

1- If a ‘standard’ HDMI or RJ45 cable doesn’t work in your setup a Tubulus i2s will not either. Then you might need a i2s cable with custom pinout.
2- If you have a PS Audio streamer or DAC with a screw sticking out near the hdmi socket, please contact us first before ordering.
You can contact us best by email: info@highendcableshop.com

TUBULUS cables are hand crafted with love, expertise and devotion with no excess decoration or luxury packaging and therefore true value for your money! And we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!** Because TUBULUS cables are made by hand the average production time is about 1 to 2 weeks.

Cable length advisor*:
0,50m – maximum distance sockets 0,25m
0,75m – maximum distance sockets 0,50m
1,00m – maximum distance sockets 0,75m

For more information you can go to the TUBULUS website.

A high end i2s cable may sound like nonsense. After all it’s just 1’s and 0’s it has to transport. Any hdmi cable can do that. But those 1’s and 0’s have to be transported by a bunch of electrons traveling through a wire and electrons don’t know if they are ‘analog’ or ‘digital’. In fact, all electrical signals are analogue.

However, the digital signal is different; it is a pulse train, a square wave instead of a sine. But a perfect square wave doesn’t exist, because transition from one to zero requires time. So there is always a rise/fall time and the edges of the square wave will be rounded. In fact the square wave is a kind of trapezium with rounded edges.

Depending on the quality of the cable, the corners of the square wave will round off to a greater or lesser degree and the “flat” portions of the wave will become uneven as well. Small changes will make it harder for the receiver to detect the exact moment the rise or fall is happening. This will induce jitter. And if the changes become too big, the receiver will not even be able to reconstruct the logical 1’s and 0’s properly.

This is why a high quality i2s cable like the TUBULUS Concentus can make great improvements in sound quality.

For our total collection of high end i2s cables click here.

*If a cable is damaged due to the fact that the length of the cable appeared to be chosen too short, the warranty will be invalidated.
**We offer a money back guarantee of 30 days past from delivery.


  1. Carlos Costa (verified owner)

    I bought the Concentus i2s Cable to connect my denafrips ddc Hermes to the Venus II and the Argentus Power Cable V4 to power the Hermes ddc. The cables arrived at the end of August. After a month and a half and many hours of listening, my conclusion is: These cables make a huge difference in sound! Interestingly, the final result is noticed after many hours of burning the cables and is felt suddenly. Suddenly the sound changes. This is not the first time this has happened, I think it is a characteristic of silver handles. Now the sound has improved fantastically. I could talk about the treble, bass, sound stage, veracity of timbres (!!!) and everything would be true, but in the end what I can say is that with these cables in my system, listening to “my” music gives me much more pleasure.

  2. Mark

    A week has passed and I’ve heard more than enough to conclude I am beyond impressed and happy with these HDMI cables. They refine every aspect of playback including musical truth, spatial portrayal, 3D soundstage, imaging specificity and size while still conveying overall large ensembles and voice groups plus pipe organ, etc.., top to bottom incredible speed, transients, tonal truth, “color of music”, etc.. and so forth, of my Grandioso stack even more than the AQ Firebird 48’s which are a great HDMI cable. The way you’ve built Tubulus Concentus HDMI is simply BETTER and HIGHER QUALITY in terms of construction, overall sound result, etc..

  3. Glyn

    This is an exceptional product. I gleaned this from the 1st 10 minutes and this has been confirmed with further listening. I am using it between P S Audios latest transport and DAC. Until late last year I was using the very well reviewed Nordost Heimdall 2 but then changed to Audioquest firebird 48 (all silver and used by P S Audio themselves). This cable was far superior to the Heimdall far more than I expected. However the Concentus easily outperforms it. Further as the Concentus, though not inexpensive, is quite a bit cheaper than the Firebird it is excellent value for money. Thanking you for your excellent service.

  4. Tom

    My new handmade speaker jumpers and i2S cable from Dutch Tubulus arrived on Monday 24th of January. Posted Friday and received Monday – thanks to DHL! I immediately connected the cables to the music system, turned up the volume and I almost fainted with surprise. I was expecting some improvement, but not close to what came out through the speakers. I will try to describe what I heard:
    It is as if transparency has been added over the entire frequency range, which means better dynamics and tonal reproduction. Even with open eyes, it is as if the speakers have disappeared. The soundstage has opened up even more, and the elements I have previously complained about (high frequency noise) have disappeared. Cymbals sound like real instruments, made of precious metals. Female voices are full-bodied and clean, even when it comes to pronunciation of the critical T, ST and SH sounds (sibilance).
    I can only dream about how it will sound when the cables are completely run in. The i2S cable connects the DDC and DAC and transports the i2S signal, after it has been converted from USB. Ideally, the Denafrips DDC should be an integrated part of the DAC. With the new i2s cable, it sounds like I got a much more expensive DAC!
    Now, after almost 2 weeks with about 100 hours of use, it seems that the Concentus i2S delivers maximum, and the all-over cleaner sound especially in the upper register, and better micro dynamics is transferred to the electrostatic panels with renewed musical energy and without any kind of electrical noise or filtering.
    I can highly recommend both the Tubulus Argentus speaker jumpers and the Tubulus Concentus i2S / HDMI cable.

  5. The Ear

    …Installed into the review system between a Denafrips Gaia re-clocker and the Terminator Plus DAC the Concentus delivered one of those rare aah moments as my brain registered a much-more-like-it degree of tonal density and dynamic expression.
    Before, solid silver AES/EBU interconnects by both Gothic Audio and AudioQuest had been much preferred, and in pseudo blind tests with another member of the household toggling the input buttons on the Denafrips DAC it had been very easy to identify just by listening which connection was being used. Now, with the Concentus in the system, toggling the input showed that the previously wide gap between AES/EBU and I2S via HDMI had been closed.
    Martin Tingvall’s When Light Returns is the Swedish piano player’s most recent solo album, released on Skip Records GmbH. For me it is one of the stand-out issues of 2021, not just because of Tingvall’s breathtaking lyricism, but also because the recording masterfully captures the sound of his piano with all its delicacy, its tonal complexity and its occasional power. Through the Concentus, when Tingvall used his left hand in the lowest octave to underpin an idea, the percussive and yet sonorous dynamic weight was given proper expression by the Concentus. On other material the Concentus continued to impress, sounding fast, open, tonally informative and with no hint of grain. If you simply can’t resist the siren song of the jitter theory, or have no choice but to use I2S via HDMI for other reasons, I cannot recommend the Tubulus Concentus more highly.
    The Ear

  6. Valentin Arsenie (verified owner)

    I’ve used a standard Delock HDMI cable (triple shielding) as i2s cable between the Denafrips Hermes DDC and the Denafrips Terminator 2 DAC. Then I’ve upgraded it to Audioquest Vodka and gained some fine details in the highs, slightly noticeable.

    Then I’ve upgraded to the Tubulus Concentus … it was a mesmerizing experience: blacker background, extreme channel separation (headphone like), more details, wider and deeper scene.

  7. Jean-Philippe B.

    I’ve Been using the tubulus concentus i2s cable for a few days. It connects the 3d-lab nano network transport to the dac of the same brand. Immediatly, an incredibly wide stereo effect and an instrument rendering finesse that I did not expect. For example the roundness of the saxophone is wonderful. I hear the background sounds of the orchestra as if i was approaching the musicians. I understand that the cable needs quite some playing time to reach maximum result but already this i2s cable is a marvel.
    Jean-Philippe B.

  8. Ching Hong T.

    Received the Tubulus Concentus i2s cable this morning. That was fast! First impression is very encouraging. Seems to be more prominent in the mid-range and more micro details (better timbre and more decay) which is much to my liking.
    Ching Hong T.

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