Tubulus Argentus Speaker Cable V4


per pair (incl. tax & shipping*)

Very neutral and detailed speaker cable, with a realistic, transparent, open and wide stereo image!

Review quote: “…the TUBULUS Argentus speaker cables performance not only truly match its price range, but surpasses it by far…”

• Pure silver and silvered copper conductors
• Solid core conductors
• Conductors of various diameter
• Air insulation
• Handmade tube construction
• Special thermo-process
• High quality gold plated spades and bananas



The TUBULUS Argentus Speaker Cable V4 is based on high quality pure silver and silvered copper conductors. These are solid core conductors to prevent strand interaction, which is a major source of distortion.

The conductors are individually insulated and surrounded by mainly air, because (except for a vacuum) air is the best dielectric. This air insulation is made possible by our tube construction, which can only be made by hand.

The Tubulus Argentus Speaker Cable V4 consists of various diameter solid core conductors. Because every diameter has its own musical character. These are 4 types of different diameter. The pure silver conductors are also treated with a special thermo-process (not cryo) to reallign the monocular structure.

The TUBULUS Argentus Speaker cable V4 is available with high quality gold plated spades or banana plugs, which are soldered with silver containing solder.

TUBULUS cables are hand crafted with love, expertise and devotion with no excess decoration or luxury packaging and therefore true value for your money! And we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!**

For more information you can visit the TUBULUS website or contact us: info@highendcableshop.com

Most audio wire has extruded insulation, where the insulation material is in intimate and immediate contact with the conductor along its entire length. This forms the dielectric of the wire, which has a tendency to absorb and release energy to and from the conductor. The occurrence of this phenomenon produces negative sonic affects. Dielectric constant measurements are used to determine the ability of an insulator to store electrical energy. Common insulator materials and their dielectric constants are Teflon (2.1), polyethylene (2.25) and polyvinyl chloride PVC (3.18). The best practical dielectric is air, which has the near-perfect lowest dielectric constant (1.00059) next to a vacuum (which has a perfect dielectric constant of 1). That’s why TUBULUS uses air insulation.

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**We offer a money back guarantee of 30 days past from delivery.


  1. Mark v.d.L.

    With the Tubulus speaker cable you can hear more detail and depth in the music. It all sounds a bit more lively then with a copper speaker cable. Together with the right audio equipment it’s just breathtakingly beautiful!
    Mark v.d. L. (Tubulus Customer)

    Original Review (Dutch)
    Met de Tubulus luidsprekerkabel is er meer detail en diepte te horen in de muziek. Het klinkt ook net wat frisser als met een koperen luidsprekerkabel. In combinatie met de juiste apparatuur is het gewoon adembenemend mooi!
    Mark v.d. L.

  2. Hans S.

    I’ve tested the Tubulus cables extensively and I’m very impressed. A lot more 3D experience in the music! And with the Tubulus usb cable between my Ubuntu network player and dac, it significantly sounds better than with a standard usb cable. Now it’s really time to say goodbye to my cd player. It’s all just very good, because you can actually hear a live performance instead of the speakers. And that’s just what I’m looking for. So I’m very satisfied with the Tubulus interconnects, speaker cable and usb cable.
    Hans S. (Tubulus Customer)

    Original Review (Dutch)
    Ik heb de Tubulus kabels uitgebreid getest en ik ben zeer onder de indruk. Een stuk meer 3D beleving! En de Tubulus usb kabel, tussen mijn ubuntu netwerk player en dac, klinkt ook beduidend beter dan een ‘gewone’ usb kabel. Ik zeg nu echt vaarwel naar de cd speler. Het geheel is gewoon erg goed, want je hoort steeds meer een live gezelschap en steeds minder de speakers. En daar is het mij uiteindelijk allemaal om te doen. Ik ben dus zeer tevreden over de Tubulus interlinks, luidsprekerkabel en usb kabel.
    Hans S.

  3. Mono and Stereo

    Review Mono and Stereo http://www.monoandstereo.com
    TUBULUS cables kept the pace of the music intact and have revealed enough details and anchor points to keep my interest, even in a long listening sessions. I’ve might not have been sweetly seduced as with Skogrand SC Beethoven speaker cables, but hey they are multiplied by factor of 40x. Still, TUBULUS Argentus power and speakers cables still created a palpable illusion that was on the musical site and in the range of cables once priced far above its given price.

    Medieval music might come as to simplistic for some, but in its simplicity it shows the true complexity when needed to be reproduced rightly. Un-amplified and in recorded in natural acoustic space the real reference can only be set as such. With both TUBULUS cables the most important building blocks of recreating the illusion of live musical event were there in an interesting, capable amount.


    TUBULUS Argentus power and speakers cables comes with down to earth pricing and performance, that ignites music listening with enough pace to make it profoundly interesting. It’s a solid fact high-end audio cables makes all the difference. The questions is only how much and at what price?

    TUBULUS Argentus power and speakers cables performance not only truly match its price range, but surpasses it by far. TUBULUS team managed to keep the musicality untouched while still following pace of the music with an impressive speed and timing. Rarely seen at this price rage the potency of immersion into the musical events was something to talk about very positively.

    TUBULUS Argentus power and speakers cables should for sure be more then worthy of the attention for those willing to step into the high-end audio cabling or upgrade their existing high-performance wire connection.
    Mono and Stereo 10/10/2014

  4. Rob Luiken

    It’s very nice to be able to listen to the Tubulus Argentus Interconnect, Power cable and Speaker cable in my own environment and on my own audio set. After opening the box I can only conclude that they look very nice. They exude sheer quality: beautiful connectors, beautiful braiding and beautifully fitted and finished.

    First impression Tubulus:

    After connecting the cables I’ve let them play in the background during the day. In the evening I played various music for an hour. The experience is great. This is so beautiful! Ease, space, detail. But what is even more important: on a scale of authenticity perception and listening pleasure I gave my audio set an 8 and with the Tubulus cables it’s definitely worth a 9 to me.

    Into the music:

    Each time the circumstances allowed me to sit down and test the Tubulus cables I was fascinated by the music. I played music I know very well and every time I was surprised by the tranquility and spaciousness. Playing acoustic music it’s the purity and authenticity that strikes me. When playing heavy numbers you don’t tend to turn down the volume (sorry neighbors .. ). And when playing electronic music you really notice the spaciousness.


    The Tubulus cables are really serious stuff. Beautifully made and wonderful music playback. For my audio installation, a real added value to enjoy music.
    Rob Luiken (www.alpha-audio.nl) 4/4/2014

    Original Review (Dutch)
    Het is bijzonder leuk om Tubulus kabels in mijn eigen omgeving en in combinatie met mijn eigen set te kunnen beluisteren. Het betreft de Tubulus Argentus Interconnect, Power cable en Speaker cable. Na het openen van de doos kan ik alleen maar concluderen dat ze er in het echt heel erg fraai uitzien. Ze stralen één en al kwaliteit uit: mooie connectoren, mooie mantel en prachtig gemonteerd en afgewerkt.

    Eerste indruk Tubulus

    Ik heb de nieuwe kabels eerst rustig laten spelen op achtergrondniveau. ‘s Avonds heb ik een uurtje gespeeld met diverse muziek. De belevenis is geweldig. Wat is dit mooi zeg! Rust, ruimte, detail. Maar wat nog belangrijker is op een schaal van echtheidsbeleving en muziekluisterplezier gaf ik mijn set een 8 en met deze Tubulus kabels is het voor mij zeker een 9 waard.

    In de muziek

    Elke keer dat de omstandigheden het toe lieten om er eens goed voor te gaan zitten en te testen werd ik meegenomen door de muziek. Ik heb veel voor mij bekende muziek gespeeld en elke keer opnieuw werd ik verrast door de rust en ruimtelijkheid. Bij akoestische muziek is het vooral de zuiverheid en echtheid die mij opvalt, bij drukke en harde nummers ontstaat niet de neiging om het volume terug te draaien (sorry buren..) en bij meer elektronische muziek valt de ruimtelijkheid, zowel in de hoogte als in de diepte op.


    De Tubulus kabels zijn echt serieus spul, heel fraai gemaakt en prachtige muziek weergave. Voor mijn installatie een echte meerwaarde voor het genieten van de muziek.
    Rob Luiken (www.alpha-audio.nl) 4-4-2014

  5. Patrick vd B.

    This cable is the king of soundspace and ambience retrieval. A terrific, no-nonsense cable that would be welcome in any audio system, highly recommended!
    Patrick vd B. (Tubulus customer)

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